The “Bonne Journée” Operation !

I am a huge fan of flashmobs and other creative ideas to make people smile in the streets. This is why, last year, I decided to launch the “Bonne Journée” Operation. The idea is quite simple : little “have a lovely day” tags scattered in the streets of the world to make people’s day.

I put a lot of tags myself, in my hometown, in Paris, in Bordeaux and in Australia. I also asked the French bloggers and my friends to do the same. As a result : the “Bonne Journée” Operation took place all over France, but also in NYC, Cleveland, Atlanta, Australia, French Polynesia, the Reunion Island and many more !

Do you want to join the project ? Please, do !

All you have to do it create your own tags, or use mine and start the invasion !

Don’t forget to send me a picture !

All the pictures of the “Bonne Journée” operation are on this tumblr.

So, who’s in ?


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