– Hello – 

My name’s Anouk and I am a Parisian girl living in Melbourne for a year. My ambition in life is to do what I love and love what I do. I personnally believe that it is possible to live the life you have always dreamed of and wake up every morning happy to go to work because you love what you do.

– Follow your dreams, small or big – 

It is always difficult to follow your dreams but one thing I have learned is that the only limits you face in the quest of you dream life are the ones you make up yourself. Another thing I have learned is that nothing is easy in life. Every success requires hard work and sweat. But it is so much worth it.

There is no size required for dreams. Some can be big, others can be smallers. The latters should not be forgotten because they will give you quick satisfaction and happiness while you achieve the formers.

On this blog, I invite you on my pursuit of happiness, with all the lessons I have learned along the way.

– do what you love and love what you do –

What I love in life : creating, sharing, exploring, cooking, writing and running cool projects.

I have a French blog called Sunshine of Mine. I am the Executive Director of the Sweet Table Contest. I have worked for French magazines such as Elleadore and A Little Market, and Australian magazines such as Le Style Magazine. I have created an online magazine called Talented Girls and I have a lot of nice projects on my mind…

– Find some French inspiration – 

When I arrived in Australia, I loved the place so much that I decided to extend my stay, from 6 months to a whole year. And as I went, I realised how much the French culture was loved in this country. This gave me the idea of creating this blog. To talk about the French lifestyle and share my treasures with more people.

– I really hope you will enjoy it – 

Have a lovely day, and thank you for passing by.




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