{DIY} Homemade cookie cutters

I really wanted to share with you my last discovery : how to make homemade cookie cutters. In France, it is difficult to find original cookie cutters so I decided to make my own !

To make your own cookie cutters, you need :

– empty soda cans

– a cutter

– the pattern of your cookie cutter

– adhesive tape

1/ Cut strips out of your soda cans, be very careful not to hurt yourself !

2/ Cut a sheet of stiff plastic or paper following the pattern of your cookie cutter.

3/ Shape the can strips with the help of the stiff pattern, just like that.

4/ Use the tape to stick the two edges of your new cookie cutter.

You’re done !

CAUTION : The edges of the cookie cutters can be sharp, so be careful !  You can also use some paper clips to hold them like this.