How to be happy everyday !

You will soon discover that I entirely dedicate my life  to the following credo :

– You only live once so you’d better spend your life doing what you love –

The idea hit me once when I read this poster of the holstee manifesto. From that moment, my life changed completely. I realised that I was unhappy with some aspects of my life and not enjoying how I lived it. I changed my orientation. I left my accounting studies for more creative subjects and the most important : I started doing more of the things I love.

I did great internships in magazines and creative start-ups, I dedicated more time to my blogging, crafting, people I love and I ran a lot of cool projects. To sum up : I started enjoying life doing what I love. And I think you should do too.

Life is too short to wake up everyday unhappy of doing something you hate for a living. Do what you love and do it often. Work hard but only to follow your dreams. And remember that your dreams don’t have to be big. You can do a lot of the little things you love all day and make your little dreams come true as well. Moreover, it will help you wait for the bigger ones.

If you want to have a great tip to be happy everyday doing something you love, read this.

And you, what is your credo ?