The “Bonne Journée” Operation !

I am a huge fan of flashmobs and other creative ideas to make people smile in the streets. This is why, last year, I decided to launch the “Bonne Journée” Operation. The idea is quite simple : little “have a lovely day” tags scattered in the streets of the world to make people’s day.

I put a lot of tags myself, in my hometown, in Paris, in Bordeaux and in Australia. I also asked the French bloggers and my friends to do the same. As a result : the “Bonne Journée” Operation took place all over France, but also in NYC, Cleveland, Atlanta, Australia, French Polynesia, the Reunion Island and many more !

Do you want to join the project ? Please, do !

All you have to do it create your own tags, or use mine and start the invasion !

Don’t forget to send me a picture !

All the pictures of the “Bonne Journée” operation are on this tumblr.

So, who’s in ?


Comète Jewellery

Another French creator I really love is Chloé, the founder of Comète Jewellery. Chloé  created her brand Comete in the early 2012, and her shop immediately had a great success !

Her collections of jewels made out of precious stones convey something magic, mysterious and cosmic. I love it !

Chloé completely understood the French fashion trend and she just created a new Gold collection that is soon going to be a new hit !

Visit Comete Jewellery shop.

Photographer : Elodie Daguin

Do you love Comete jewellery as much as I do ?

Want some French inspiration ?

Hello world !

I am really happy to start this new adventure with this brand new English blog. My name is Anouk, I am French and I live in the beautiful city of Paris. 7 months ago, I left my hometown to live and study in Melbourne, Australia. I am used to travelling around the globe, but it is only in Australia that I discovered how people were passionate about the French culture.

I already have a French blog called Sunshine of Mine, but I have always been a bit sad when my international friends asked for it and realised they could not understand a thing since they could not read French. So instead of translating each of the 250 posts of my blog, I decided to enter the English blogosphere in order to give you guys some French inspiration.

In this blog, you will find a lot of inspiration made in France, all the secrets about the French lifestyle, some creative ideas and heaps of tips to live a life full of happiness.

After all, what is happiness without French desserts ?

Discover more about me here.